Foam Plays an important role in numerous products and technical process - either intended or as an unwanted side effect. We offer tools to study the Foamer, Defomer and Anti-foaming agents by study of foamability, foam stability and foam structure. 

For many labs in research or industrial quality control, measuring and analyzing foam is a huge challange.Most commonly, companies use handmade custom solutions to analyze their foam.However, suvh solutions are hardly related to standards and are highly user dependent. It is now possiblr to get science-based foam analysis results with our Dynamic Foam Analyzer-DFA100.

Measuring methods and options

1. Dynamic Foam Analyzer

  • Measurement of foamability of liquids and foam decay.
  • Investigations of externally produced foams,
  • Temperature-controlled measurements up to 90oC.


2. With the Foam Structure Module - FSM

  • Measurements of bubble size distribuiton ant the change in this distribution in different resolution ranges.
  • Calculation of mean bubble size and its standard deviation.
  • Output of a histogram for each individual image in the sreies of measurements.


3. With the Liquid Content Module - LCM

  • Simultaneously measurements of liquids content up to seven levels.
  • Maximum liquid content at each level.
  • Half life (time for the liquid content to reduce to one-half) at each level.

Product Detail