Contact Angle Measurement System is a tool to study the wetting behavior of a liquid on Solid. Phenomenon like wetting, hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity etc. can be studied by contact angle measurements system.

Different methods are used for measurements which are classified as follows:

  • Sessile Drop Method (used to determine wetting properties of a localized region on a solid surface)
  • Dynamic Whilmey Method (for calculating average advancing and receding angles on solid)
  • Single Fiber Wilhelmy Method (This method applied to single fibers to measure advancing and receding contact angles.)
  • Powder Contact Angle method
  • Top View Distance Method

Features of the Kruss contact angle measuring system include:

  • Measurement of static and dynamic contact angles.
  • Zoom lens to optimize image size.
  • Integrated dosing system.
  • Integrated bright field illumination.
  • Sample stage can hold 4" wafers.

Product Detail