TVA100 Top View Analyzer » Features


  • Evaluation of the surface curvature using the mirror image of spots of light.
  • Measurement on Concave surface or in recesses.
  • Non-sensitive precision drop deposiyion for a wide range of liquids.
  • Rapid assessment of wetting homogeneity.


Available as:

  • Top View Analyzer TVA100B
  • Module for KRÜSS DSA25, DSA30 and DSA100 instruments
  • Portal system (TVA100R) for contact-free measurements on large samples (TVA100R) 



  • Biotechnology (micro titer plates / 96well plates).
  • Microelectronics (mounted PCBs).
  • Wafer techniques,Sanitary ceramics, Optics (concave lenses)
  • Quality control in surface cleaning processes.
  • Measurements in depressions of well plates
  • Measurement between electronic components on populated boards
  • Surface investigations for the interior of tubes and hoses


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