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Up to now, the height and time have had to be recorded manually. Results were therefore dependent on the user and were subject to a corresponding uncertainty. 
The RMFA integrates the standardized vessels according to ASTM D 1173 / IS 5785. An LED bar and a sensor bar are fitted along the easy-to-insert intake vessel. The foam height is detected based on the difference in brightness at the foam-air boundary. The electronic height detection ensures considerably improved repeatability of the measurement and, with a resolution of 0.4 mm.
The initial foam height measurement does not have to be manually coordinated with the discharge of the reservoir solution. Instead, it corresponds to the electronically detected time at which the maximum foam height is registered. The other measurement times are also adhered to exactly. As well as the foam height, the instrument also records the height of the liquid. In this way, the raw data document whether the filling level specified in the norm has been accurately maintained.

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