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  • Surface and interfacial tension measurement of liquids.
  • Dynamic contact angle measurements.
  • Extended CMC - Critical Micelle Concentration - determination with new innovative double dosing system extended CMC.
  • Surface energy calculations on solids, powders, pigments, fibers, etc.
  • Measuring the density of liquids.
  • Sedimentation and sediment resistance measurements.
  • Built-in ionizer for eliminating electrostatic charges.
  • Controlled by Lab Desk™ software.


Tasks and applications

  • Determination of the effectiveness and efficiency of surfactants by CMC measurement.
  • Wetting behavior of tablets, pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients.
  • Wetting of varnishes and paints.
  • Tank clearance and cleaning validation in the foodstuffs industry.
  • Wetting and adhesion of coatings.
  • Development of cosmetic products.
  • Wetting properties of inks.
  • Wetting of fiber bundles and textiles.
  • Checking of surface modifications.

Product Detail