DFA100 Dynamic Foam Analyzer » Features


  • Optical structure testing of liquid foams.
  • Contact-free (optical) measurement of foam height.
  • Measures the liquid content of foams and its change.
  • Comprensive charts describe the foam.
  • Measurements also possible on very unstable foams.
  • Fully automatic measuring procedure.
  • Thermostat-able measurements up to 90°C.



  • Foams for washing and cleaning.
  • Firefighting.
  • Foams in foodstuffs and body care products.
  • Surfactant development.
  • Flotation as a method for separating solids.
  • Foam-inhibiting and foam-reducing agents (Antifoamers / Defoamers).
  • Foam prevention for paints and varnishes, process and waste water and cooling lubricants.

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