Automatic Kinematic Viscometer » Features

PSL-RHEOTEK AUTO Kinematic Viscometers have the following features:

  • modern fully automated laboratory analyzer
  • glass capillary design conforms to a recognized specification as per ASTM D446
  • simple to change glass viscometer tubes - no additional sensors attached
  • after loading, samples are drawn up the capillary using an internal "mini pump", thus avoiding the loss of light ends in light fuels
  • wide viscosity ranges are possible with flow times less than 200 seconds (allowable for automated instruments)
  • two successive flow times are measured
  • method precision requirements can be easily met
  • sample throughput times can be optimized whilst still remaining within the method requirements and precision
  • effective in-situ cleaning and drying for all types of samples 
  • direct comparison is possible with manual glass capillary viscometer results.

Product Detail