Surface Tensiometer


  • Thermostattable jacket with built-in magnetic stirrer.
  • External temperature sensor for direct measuriment of sample temperature.
  • Various thermostats.
  • WndowsTM Data-logger software for data transfer to PC.
  • Protocol printer for documention of measured values.
  • Density determination set.
  • Various types of sample bodies (rings and plates)
  • Force sensor adjustment set.

Measuring methods and options

  • Surface tension using the ring and plate method
  • Interfacial tension using the ring and plate method
  • Surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring tear-off method
  • Testing of transformer oils in accordance with ASTM D‑971
  • Measuring the density of liquids
  • Measurement from ‑10 to 100°C, temperature measurement with internal sensor.

Shadow infosystem Pvt. Ltd.

Product Detail