Processor Tensiometer


  • SW31:   To measure -- Surface and interfacial tension of liquids.
  • RI01:   Pt-Ir-Ring in wooden box. 
  • PL01:   Pt-Plate in wooden box
  • TO01:   Tool set for ring dressing.
  • SV20:   Sample vessel-- fireproof, set of 6 pieces, outer diameter Ø 70 mm.
  • SW32:   Module for contact angle.
  • SW33:  Module for measuring Surfactant Characterstics.
  • DO12:   Compact Control Device with memory card.
  • SH0801:   Fibre sample chamber for K100MK2 for singlr fibre.
  • SH0620:   Fibre Chamber.
  • TO10:   Jolting Volumeter.
  • TO12:   Noise Damping Hold for Jolting Volumeter TO10.

Product Detail