Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

PSL-RHEOTEK AUTO Kinematic Viscometers can be configured with a combination of one or two bath cells:

  • Auto bath cell - with a standard temperature range +40 to 100oC. Suitable for measuring diesles, residual fuels, lubricants and base oils. 
  • Sub-zero bath cell - with a standard temperature range -40 to +40oC. Suitable for measuring jet fuels and diesels as well as other sub-zero temperature applications e.g. brake fluid, lwo temperature aviation lubricants.
  • Multi bath cells - with a combined temperature range -40 to +100 deg. C. Suitable for measuring jet fuels, diesels, residual fuels and other petroleum products.


A full range of accessories are available including: bath fluids, ASTM Ubbelohde viscometers & viscosity reference standards

Product Detail