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Mobile Drop – GH11

The mobile drop has been specially developed for mobile use.It is a semi automatic and fully integrated system for measuring contact angles and surface free energies on samples of virtually any size. Its low weight, operation with a notebook and simple handling mean that the instrument is a flexible and reliable partner for quality assurance, both in the lab and on-site. It is mobile stand-alone contact angle measuring instrument with measuring head for one-hand operation.

The simple operation and rapid measurement makes mobile drop particulary well-suited to quality assurrance and process optimization, for example in the cleaning, pre-treatment and coating of materials.


DSA30 is a robust instrument which can be used flexibly for the precise measurement of contact angle and surface free energy. With high-quality components and various automation options, the DSA30 analyses wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. Fast measurements and simple operation make the instrument a valuable part of your routine quality control.

DSA30 Series Configuration:

  • DSA30 B: Basic Configuration.
  • DSA30 S: Standard Configuration.
  • DSA30 E: Expert Configuration.


Drop shape analysis system

DSA100: Drop Shape Analyzer (DSA 100) is a high-quality system solution for almost all tasks in the analysis of wetting and adhesion on solid surfaces. From the basic unit for precise measurement of the contact angle to the fully automatic expert instrument for serial measurement of surface free energy, This is the right instrument for your special requirements.

DSA100 Series configuration.

  • DSA100 B: Basic configuration.
  • DSA100 S: Standard configuration
  • DSA 100 E: Expert configuration.