Monthly Archives: May 2015

Mobile Drop – GH11

The mobile drop has been specially developed for mobile use.It is a semi automatic and fully integrated system for measuring contact angles and surface free energies on samples of virtually any size. Its low weight, operation with a notebook and simple handling mean that the instrument is a flexible and reliable partner for quality assurance, both in the lab and on-site. It is mobile stand-alone contact angle measuring instrument with measuring head for one-hand operation.

The simple operation and rapid measurement makes mobile drop particulary well-suited to quality assurrance and process optimization, for example in the cleaning, pre-treatment and coating of materials.

Turbiscan Ageing Syatem

High throughput screening is becoming more and more useful to shorten the product development time of formulations.

Turbiscan Ageing Station is a fully automated workstation to study the long term stability of suspension/emulsion/dispersions and foams.

It integrates the TurbiscanTM Lab, a robot, a storage station and a smart software for automatic sample handling and treatment.This concept enables an automated management of ageing  tests from sample storage at different temperatures to shelf life determination.