Drop Shape Analysis System DSA100

Custom-Made Flexibility

The concept of the DSA100 encompasses everything from fully manual to fully automated contact angle measurement. Due to its modular concept, virtually any level of automation can be achieved – even with post-sales additions.

The New Contact Angle Measuring System Generation

Flexible sample size, flexible measuring technique - with its double modularity concept KRÜSS GmbH has revolutionized contact angle measuring technology. No matter what measuring problem you have to face - the DSA100 will grow to meet your requirements. A total of more than 30000 different combinations is available from the DSA100 building block system; any necessary or required degree of automation can be realized in next to no time.

The following technical highlights will make your work much easier:

  • The unique adjustment of the observation angle means that you can always see the drop; adaptation to different degrees of reflection becomes child’s play.
  • The fine adjustment of the dosing systems allows simple adaptation of the needle position.
  • The intelligent dosing system permits liquids to be exchanged like lightening without the risk of contaminating the sample.
  • The innovative optical arrangement allows even very large samples to be easily measured with the standard version.
  • The new type of light guidance eliminates all interference by extraneous light.
  • The innovative software supports you at all times with its predefined procedures and wizards.
  • The flexible sample stage allows individual adaptation to meet the particular requirements.
  • The new type of Peltier chamber gives you the certainty that thermostatting is really being carried out quickly and accurately.
  • The bright illumination with extremely low radiated heat provides you with the light that is required for strongly light absorbing surfaces.

                                                                   DSA100 with tilting table

Drop Shape Analysis System DSA100                                                                     DSA100 with tilting table



  • Measurement of static and dynamic contact angles.
  • Measurement of surface free energy of solids.
  • Determination of polar and dispersive components, Lewis acid and base components, hydrogen bond forces.
  • Measurement of interfacial and surface tension of liquids.
  • Completely modular building block system.
  • Version with long frame for measuring of large samples.
  • Manual or automatic sample positioning Manual or automatic dosing of up to 8 test liquids.
  • Various temperature, high pressure and environmental chambers.
  • Wide range of dosing modules; also for nano- and picoliter dosing or for high temperatures.
  • EDM/ODM module (Expanding Drop Method/Oscillating Drop Method) for rheological interface experiments.


  • Characterization of surface treatments.
  • Characterization of new surfaces.
  • Investigating adhesion properties.
  • Testing surface purity.
  • Quality control (QC) for wafers and microelectronics.
  • Measurement of the cleaning behaviour of surfactant solutions.
  • Characterization of the printability of surfaces.
  • Testing the wetting properties of plastics, glass or metal.